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The AdDynamix/Pennyweb Ad Serving and Tracking System is an extensible, efficient, very high transaction volume platform for targeted banner and email ad serving, and all forms of online activity tracking. It is a comprehensive software solution providing interactive marketing management for advertisers, agencies, and publishers. The system is the result of two years of extensive development and has been used in volume production since 2001 by the initial licensee (Pennyweb/AdDynamix, a top-ten ad serving company).


  • Scalable, multi-tier architecture
  • Low hardware costs (designed to utilize 1U x86 web/application servers)
  • High hardware utilization (typically 500 impressions/second = up to 40 million impressions/day or 1.3 billion impressions/month per Tag Server)
  • No need for high-end database server hardware
  • Key technologies: Linux, Oracle, Apache
  • Template-driven server setup, system configuration management
  • Separate ad delivery mechanism (thttpd/squid)
  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Win32 Management Application
  • Dynamically generated, Perl-based HTML Reporting
  • Linux "friendly" (syslog, SysV daemon startup/shutdown, signals)
  • Multiple services can run on a single server for smaller systems or testing


The AdDynamix/Pennyweb Ad Serving and Tracking System provides a large number of off-the-shelf features, and is easily extended for new requirements. Current capabilities include:
  • CPM, CPC, Unlimited campaigns
  • Textlink-only campaigns
  • IFRAME (rich media) support with configurable form field forwarding
  • Cost Per Action (CPA) tags, tracking, and reporting
  • Email campaign tracking
  • General purpose http request tracking
  • Advanced Tracking and Branding module - long-term tracking of all requests (impressions, clicks, tracking tags, etc.) and visits to tagged advertiser pages, per unique individual
  • Geotargeting option: Country, State, MSA, Top Level Domain, and AOL specific
  • Selectable level of geotargeting data written to database
  • Affiliate Network management option
  • Keyword targeting option
  • Click-through optimization option (via dynamic reweighting of creatives)
  • Template-driven accounting export module
  • Contact management module
  • Matching criteria (unlimited rules per campaign)
    • Publisher
    • Channel
    • Media Type: (gif, jpeg, flash, RealAudio, RealVideo, etc.)
    • NAICS
    • Browser
    • Operating System
    • Client Bandwidth
    • User Date/Time (15 minute granularity)
    • System Date/Time (15 minute granularity)
    • Publisher Traffic Volume
    • Client Country
    • Client State
    • Client MSA
  • Campaign, creative management
    • Campaign schedule, creatives, buy size, pricing
    • Prioritize multiple campaigns
    • Prioritize unviewed (CPM) and unclicked (CPC) campaigns over viewed/clicked campaigns
    • Unlimited number of creatives per campaign
    • Per-campaign unique delivery interval
    • Realtime campaign changes/creation
    • Pause/resume campaigns
  • HTML (web-based) reporting module
    • 15 minute granularity
    • Multilevel drilldown
    • 24 standard reports
    • Less than 30 minutes from activity to report update
    • Separate web report logins per advertiser, publisher
  • Campaign setup application
    • Memos
    • Contact management
    • Boolean, substring search on all database fields
    • Audit log
    • Email alerts
    • Configurable (drag-and-drop) campaign status screens
    • Realtime campaign status graphing
    • Fully configurable role-base security model
    • All management via database transactions
    • Dynamic SQL architecture
  • System-wide and per-campaign default campaigns (on no match, delivery complete, etc)
  • Support for "run of network" and contract campaigns
  • Publishers can be restricted to running tags on specific pages
  • Support for multiple unique tags per publisher (tracked to database)
  • Duplicate clicks logged to database
  • Errors (disabled publisher, invalid tag, invalid IFRAME, etc.) logged to database
  • Tags can utilize multiple (DNS) domains
  • Extensive support utilities
  • Licensable software source code

Campaign Administration Application

Campaign Definition defines the Campaign for an Agency for an Advertiser.

Campaign Pages defines the campaign banner ad

Campaign Category Rules define the targeted selection criteria for the banner ads

Campaign Day/Time Rules

Campaign MSA Rules

Campaign Status Online Inquiry


Advertisers Definition


Publisher Site

Reference Tables

Operating Systems



Accounting Advertiser Collections

Accounting Publisher Payouts

Online Reporting

Campaign Overview Report

Campaign Report

Campaign Daily Report

Browser Overview Report

Campaign Overview by Publisher

Campaign Daily Detail

Campaign Overview with Creatives

Campaign Overview By Page

Campaign Overview By Day