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Tartan Owners of S. California

The Tartan Owners Group of Southern California (TOSCA) is a small group of Tartan owners and enthusiasts throughout Southern California from Santa Barbara to San Diego. After purchasing our Tartan 3500, I became involved with this group. One of my contributions was to rework the TOSCA website. The website suffered from an architecture and implementation based on HTML, FrontPage and Word documents that required a web developer to maintain. As a result, the site became outdated very quickly.

One of my first objectives was to utilize a Content Management System (CMS) so that the TOSCA members could contribute and author content for the site without HTML authoring or web development expertise. There are several very good open source Content Management Systems available. I evaluated the popular CMS offerings and prototype the TOSCA website using Drupal and Joomla!. Joomla! was chosen based primarily on the ease of managing content by non-technical contributors.

A key feature, used throughout the TOSCA website is the use of Categories for:

New articles automatically move to the top of the content area and older articles are sequentially archived. Templates are provided for the user maintained articles and the TOSCA members are maintaining the content!

The site will continue to evolve with Facebook integration and newsgroup forum. For content based websites, Joomla! is an appropriate platform.

As we reorganized our web-hosting options, I decided to move the domain and website to Google Sites.  I found Google Sites to be easier to use, while providing similar functionality.

Original TOSCA Website

Joomla! Version

Google Apps Version

I am still involved with the group, the group is growing consistently and is a lot of fun!